Thank you and good bye Mrs Hillary Clinton!

Today is Hillary Clinton’s last day as Sectary of State. Today is a bitter-sweet day. Bitter for the fact she’s leaving. Sweet for all of the fantastic work she’s done, not just for GLBT rights, but throughout her career. Sweet because now she get’s to have a well-deserved break. Sweet because, and lets whisper so we don’t jinx it, she might run for president once again.

As Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton visited 112 different countries, spent 2084.21 hours (86.8 days) traveling, and racked up nearly a million air miles. Earlier today, she said farewell to the State Department:

“I know that the world we are trying to help bring into being in the 21st century will have many difficult days, but I am more optimistic today than I was when I stood here four years ago, because I have seen, day after day, the many contributions that our diplomats and development experts are making to help ensure that this century provides the kind of peace, progress, and prosperity that not just the United States, but the entire world, especially young people, so richly deserve. I am very proud to have been Secretary of State.”

And we’re proud of you Mrs Clinton, I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

Here’s the transcript if that’s more of your thing. 



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