Alabama teacher calls gays “an abomination against god”

bob.gTeachers, especially k-12 teachers, have to be really careful what they say. They have to be careful not to take sides and give their own opinions when talking politics, religion, or about the LGBT community.

Now it seems head football coach Bob Girsham, of Lauderdale County High School in Rogersville, Alabama, threw caution to the wind when he started mouthing off calling Michelle Obama “fat” and he doesn’t “believe” or “like” queers. In. Front. Of. Students. In fact, his little tirade was recorded by a student. Superintendent Jennifer Gray said  Girsham is being investigated for his remarks.  Girsham, in all of his displayed intelligence, also teaches driver’s ed and psychology. 

You can hear another male voice in the audio clip call Michelle Obama a “big fat gorilla,” and Girsham says nothing about it.

Wednesday, Girsham told the TimesDaily that he misspoke. “I misspoke in a debate-type situation,” he said. “I have no hatred toward anyone or any group. People that know my heart, they know that.”

Sure Girsham, we believe you.

Source: TimesDaily

5 thoughts on “Alabama teacher calls gays “an abomination against god””

  1. And some people want to give troglodytes like this guy a gun to carry around at school!
    It’s almost comical the excuses they come up with when they get called out on something they said when their guard was down. I’m much more inclined to believe the first statement is a true indicator of his thinking, rather than the “clarification”.


  2. This awful!!!! We are all people-we eat, sleep, work, study, go out with friends have our hobbies and most importantly, WE CAN LOVE! (or at least most of us can) Seeing comments like those can harm me, despite I usually don’t really pay much attention to that (okay, I try to not pay attention).
    I don’t get why people like that teacher can talk like that. I can somewhat agree if he has something against us but as a teacher, he must be “Switzerland” (like my friend likes saying-doesn’t take sides).
    Homophobia & racism go together more and more which is really sad. I really do hope that those people will reduce to minimum.



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