Come Out for Health

Researchers from the University of Montreal and McGill University have released a study extolling the benefits of being openly gay.

Expecting sexual minorities to experience greater levels of stress and depressions, the researchers were stunned by their findings.

Lead author Robert-Paul Juster explained, “Gay and bisexual men actually had lower depression and lower physiological health problems than heterosexual men… We think that this might be related to the fact that gay and bisexual men are more likely to go to the gym and pay attention to their diet but we also suspect that there might be some sort of resilience going on.”

Health benefits increased for those out of the closet, with “less depression, less anxiety, less burnout and less stress hormones.” 

One caveat: these findings are only relevant for Montreal. Less progressive areas may not provide the same results.

One thought on “Come Out for Health”

  1. On the “caveat”, my thoughts exactly, because when I read the study, I found it surprising at first, because on the surface , I don’t get that feeling from what my experience has been, and also what I see & read in the media.



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