Catholic adoption agencies refuse gay couples in Colorado


We discriminate equally!

Stubborn Catholics in Colorado are starting to get on my nerves. While they still try and protest civil unions, which we’re pretty sure are going to happen, they’ve also decided to renew their efforts in keeping gay couples from adopting.

They’re trying to amend the civil union bill with a “conscience clause” that was dropped last year. The bill contained “This article shall not be interpreted to require a child placement agency to place a child for adoption with a couple that has entered into a civil union.”

Thankfully it doesn’t look like it happen, and when civil unions do pass Catholic Charities’ rule of ‘married couples only’ will be exposed for the sham it is.

Tracy Murphy with Catholic Charities of Denver said “Our desire is to provide them with a safe and stable environment.”

Safe and stable meaning in a heterosexual marriage of course.

Now Catholic adoption agencies refusing gay couples is by no means a new phenomenon, I briefly touched upon the subject in a blog yesterday about the massive amount of support same-sex marriage has in Ireland. But hot-damn this makes me angry. Are you a loving, financially stable single individual or same-sex couple? Can’t adopt. But hey, how about this Catholic priest, he seems like a nice enough guy, sure.

Source: 9 News, Colorado.

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  1. Yeah, you’re right on the money there.



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