75% of voters support Marriage Equality in Ireland!


A new poll conducted in 2012 by Millward Brown Lansdowne for Marriage Equality, shows 75% of voters in Ireland support a referendum to extend civil marriage to same-sex couples.

Yes, you read that right. Seventy-five per cent   of voters support same-sex marriage! That’s in increase of 12% from 2008. So those numbers are great, however my favorite part is at the bottom of the poll:


When asked about same-sex couples and their children…

•    69% of people agree that being raised in a loving home by loving parents is a more significant factor for a child’s well-being than being raised by a mother and a father
•    60% agree that the definition of a family in the Irish Constitution should change to include same-sex families
•    54% agree that same-sex couples should be legally allowed to jointly adopt a child

This is something that has always angered me about adoption policies. If you have a loving couple, be they single, married, domestic partners living together, gay or straight, why deny kids a chance at a loving family? If someone has demonstrated a will to adopt a child, and in all aspects and from all vantage points it looks like they will be a loving, supportive parent, we should let them adopt.

With 69% of people supporting adoption for same-sex couples, I hope this will help fast-track policies to get kids into loving homes.

Marriage Equality director Moninne Griffith had this to say about the poll:

“We are delighted the Constitutional Convention has established a date for the issue of providing for marriage equality, and that it is one of the first issues to be considered after this weekend’s meeting.”

[…] “People all over Ireland know that marriage equality is about truly Irish values like justice, equality, fairness, and respect for each other. This is our chance to do the right thing, and be leaders in the movement for marriage equality.  The polling shows Irish people want this.  Ireland is ready, with a strong majority of Irish people who think same sex couples should have the right to marry the person they love.”

With the support of 75% of the voting population, I can’t imagine same-sex marriage is too far in the future for Ireland, and that’s really exciting!

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