Genome-Wide Association Study of Sexual Orientation

This morning, I was reading a post by Michelangelo Signorile, over at Huffington Post, regarding the sexuality of Manti Te’o.  I found it an interesting post, and as I scrolled down to the comments, one caught my eye. It was from Alpentrudel Alpi, who supplied a link to a study poster which concludes (up to now), that 12 to 13% of all men are gay!  Well, to me, I should be doing better, in the find me a mate department, lol, maybe another day.  But then…

after that, I dug a little further and found, what could be a little nerving to some, including me…the 23andme website.  Now, if one is interested in their Ancestry, I say cool and have fun. Now here’s the nervy part…Health.  My dad said, that maybe if you’re older and have some health ailments, there may be some benefit in knowing what might be in store for the future. As, for me…I say no way.  I don’t think I want to know, that maybe in 40-50 years from now, I might turn into some green and twisted body, with huge warts & things growing all over me and dying of some never-heard-of disease.  I would rather live blindly to that info, and live without the worries of what could be next.

Oh…I would really like to hear any thoughts on this


3 thoughts on “Genome-Wide Association Study of Sexual Orientation”

  1. I can’t get away from my family’s medical history. I have cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease on both sides of my family. It doesn’t scare me, I welcome knowing. It’s a constant reminder to me to cherish the good health I’ve enjoyed most of my life and make time to work out and live as healthy and responsible as I can every day.



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