Teen wins NPR’s ‘Performance of the Year’ for story of two mothers


NPR has a storytelling and spoken word show called Snap Judgement, and at the end of every year, they give out a performance of the year award. For 2012, the award of “NPR Snap Judgment Performance of the Year” went to 15 year-old Noah St. John for his powerful and surprising performance of “The Last Mile.”

It’s a beautiful story, with a performance I’d say is nearly up there with the speech Zach Wahls gave to the Iowa House of Representatives back in 2011. If you’re an easy crier, have some tissues handy. Noah will warm your heart.

Families with  same-sex parents are just like any other, with the same fights, love, quirkiness and eccentricities of any other. It’s about time we treat them equally.

About Nathan Simpson

Just a student trying to find his way on this pale blue dot.

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  1. He’s a great story teller!


  2. Pretty awesome…



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