2013 kicked off right at End Up


I rang in the new year right Monday night as a Stoli VIP at the End Up in San Francisco.  Nate and I got on the List for their new year’s party sponsored by Stoli and let me tell you, we had a GREAT time.

It had actually been YEARS since I’ve been to this off-Castro gem of a club but when I heard Stoli was sponsoring a party from 8pm to 11pm, offering free cocktails and appetizers, I had to check it out.  The club is really cute, with a nice dance, and a GREAT patio area.  We crashed on one of the sofa sectionals most of the night and hob knobbed with locals and out of towners.

The bar is hyper local, a little pricey on the regular cover, but definitely worth your time if you are looking for a place in San Francisco that’s a little less touristy and definitely gay.  Although the appetizers ran out early, probably because the place was packed by 10pm, the cream puffs for dessert and free champagne toast made up for it.  Three cheers and kudos to Stoli and all the folks at the End Up for throwing a great New Year’s Eve party and helping tons of cool people start 2013 off right!

If you want to check out more cool local hang outs check out our new San Francisco city page here.


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