Going Down in La-La Land gets two thumbs up from me

Going-Down-in-LA-LA-Land-starring-Matthew-Ludwinski-1While enjoying some vacation time this week for the holidays I had some time to take in the Casper Andreas film Going Down in La-La Land starring the dreamy Matthew Ludwinski.  I really enjoyed this film and give it, not one, but two thumbs up.  It’s definitely the best gay film I’ve seen all year and I’d recommend it to anyone in the hunt for a good gay flick, with hot guys, and a funny but realistic story.  Click the link below to read more of what I liked about this film.

I love the character of Adam and I love what Matthew Ludwinski did with the role.  He was believable, authentic, and just as important for a gay film, so very yummy to look at!  He has these wide-open, innocent eyes that radiate sincerity and warmth you just seem to instantly cheer for him.  I found myself emotionally in his corner almost from the start.  Did I mention that Adam was easy on the eyes yet?  The scene of his first photo shoot was so sexy and so erotic I just could not blink.  He was obviously nervous and intimidated but you could see his comfort level and confidence grow as he seemed to connect with something inside himself in front of the camera.  It was hot.

I don’t like spoiler reviews so I generally try not to give too much away.  I think the less you know about a movie before watching it the better.  Suffice it to say, Bambi-like Adam moves to L.A. to pursue his dreams to be, what else, an actor.  He moves in with his fag hag, struggles, then winds up doing some porn and escorting to help pay the bills.  He falls in love and has to deal with the consequences and fall out of his past, and brief, adult film career.  This film has a lot of start power and it really helps sell the story line.  Brief cameos by Alec Mapa, Bruce Vilanch, and Perez Hilton definitely give it an L.A. look and feel and that’s a good thing…for the movie anyway.  ;-)

This is definitely the best gay film I’ve seen this year and I streamed it live from Netflix just last night.  Although the film does deal with the porn industry I thought it was done tastefully and the sex scenes were not too over the top.  I thought I’d leave you with an eye candy shot.  You can click on the image to make it better and use it as your screen saver.  Lol.   Isn’t he dreamy?  You can check out the trailer and much more after the jump.



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