Over 1,000 hetero marriages destroyed in Washington!


Oops, I mean over 1,000 successful marriage licenses issued in Washington! Sorry, sometimes I forget gay couple’s marriage have no affect on straight couple’s marriages. Silly me.

In a press release from King County:

King County marked a milestone just after noon today, with the 1,000th and 1,001st marriage licenses issued since a new marriage equality law took effect in Washington State on Dec. 6.

“December is typically our slowest month for marriage licenses, but due to the new marriage equality law, that’s not been the case this month,” said KC Recording Manager Jon Scherer. “Our volume of business this December has been more like a typical July, when we can issue as many as 2,000 marriage licenses.” -Via Slog.

Additionally, almost half of those came in the first eighteen hours when same-sex marriage became legal on December 6th. Oh and remember folks, the end of the world is almost upon us. So get married now!


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