Great News in Illinois!

ImageAs mentioned below by Matt Baume, the State of Illinois, may see Marriage Equality as early soon as next month.  Equality supporters say they are “within striking distance” to get a bill passed in early January,  as reported in the Chicago Tribune on December 13th.

There is a lot of excitement downstate as well, as I know two couples who joined in a “civil union” earlier this year, and would be so happy to officially “tie the not” in their home state.


ImagePhoto courtesy of Roberth Fearon

By all counts, we have a tremendous amount of support for this to pass, and believe it will, and when it does, I’ll get to see more photos, like above in January!

About Tom Janus

Student of Life, Equality Advocate

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  1. look how cute bow ties look!!

    On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 4:07 PM, Queer Landia


  2. Smell that? Change is in the air!



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