Need a Gay Gift?

XMAS KMSHoliday shopping can be tricky, especially if you’re friends with the Queer Who Has Everything. (You know those gays and their disposable income.)  They’re all stocked up on Gay Apparel, and even if you wanted to gift someone a “figgy pudding,” where in the heck would you find one?  And what message are you really trying to send with a present that’s any kind of figgy?  No, the solution is definitely a book.  Like, a semi-steamy piece of gay fiction.  Perhaps even a gay love story in which a pivotal soul-searching scene takes place around a Nebraska family’s Christmas brunch table.  That’s the ticket! you say.  But it sounds like literary figgy pudding to me: wherever would I find such an item?  It so happens that I have written just such a book, and you can get it all kinds of places — heck, JMS Books, my (independent, queer) publisher, is even having a big sale!  The paperback fits snugly in any stocking, or the eBook, what with its instant delivery and all, makes a great last-minute gift.

Kiss Me, Straight is the story of Todd Eisenbraun, a San Francisco-based flight attendant who falls head-over-heels for Josh, a handsome—and hetero—co-worker. Todd’s friends, however—Katie, a flight attendant-turned-small appliance repairwoman, and Marzipan Q. Thespian, a man-dangling local philanthropist—think he’d be better off with his love-struck neighbor Chris.  Sure, he’s fat, but he’s also handsome, a hilarious playwright, and a great cook—what’s not to love?  They quickly become friends, but Todd’s idea of the perfect man is skinny and straight, and Chris is decidedly neither.  Josh may have a fiancée and a teenaged son, but Todd just knows he’s “the One.” But if Josh is straight, the road to love is not; Todd is jostled by internalized homophobia, body image issues, the glamorous world of sewing machine repair, and a community theater musical salute to the life of Judy Garland before he arrives at the realization that he’s been looking way too hard for something he may already have.

I go on and on about it, as you might expect, at Mister Stewardess (dot com), with excerpts and links galore.  And if it isn’t the exactly right present for anybody on your list (oooh, they must have been naughty!) but now you’re dying to read it, if only you hadn’t spent all of your famously disposable income?  You should enter to WIN your very own copy on Goodreads.


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