Petition the White House

White HouseThe Newton school massacre has led to a rapidly growing petition at the White House’s web site, demanding action on gun control.  Surely there must be some way to balance 2nd Amendment rights with the need to prevent the senseless murder of innocents?

The petition won’t actually create any legislative proposals, but will require the WH, by it’s own rules, to address the issue.

I signed.  Will you?

9 thoughts on “Petition the White House”

  1. Its fine to own one or two revolvers. Or maybe a .30 shot gun to protect your home. We do live in a dangerous world after all. But the last time I checked….wild life are not wearing flack jackets! I see to reason what so ever for a citizen to own semi & full automatic weapons. Face it people…..the Zombie Apocalips is never gonna happen & is the stuff of fiction. & as for protecting your self against a rouge Government…..well hell that boat sailed the day man learned to harness the awsome power of the atom. We live in a world where should Gov ever go rogue……with one push of a button they can wip out all of humanity & “We The People”, will have never even seen our killers face. So the rogue Gov argument is moot. Please pass laws banning all semi & full automatic weapon sales for civilians. AND PLEASE PASS LAWS THAT BAN WEAPON DESIGN THAT CAN MAKE A FIRE ARM SEMI OR AUTOMATIC WITH NO MORE THAT A NAIL FILE!! Please make this a top priority or (to quote a crime boss in The Dark Knight)…..”are you gonna wait around while more innocent people die while you make up your mind”.



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