Oh, the places we’ve been!

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One of the nifty behind-the-scenes features of this blog site is the stats page.  There we can see all kinds of neat things about our site, and one is the nations from which our readers hail.  Since February 25, 2012, we’ve covered the world pretty well!  I’m more fascinated, however, by the countries which have never seen QueerLandia.  It’s clear some are from official censoring (North Korea, Cuba, Iran come to mind), but some must surely just be for mundane reasons of a lack of exposure.  Really, Greenland, no love from you?  What’s up with that??

I’m a bit flabbergasted that we’ve not had any readers from Greenland.  56,749 (est. 2012) Greenlanders, and nobody has visited QL?  I may have to see if I can’t figure out some Greenland-specific blog to write, and see if that draws them in!  Another place up in the cold, Svalbard (part of Norway) has yet to visit us, as well.  “Beste ønsker” to Svalbard.

The heart of Africa seems to be another place we’ve not reached, at least since the end of February.  Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Niger, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Gabon, Malawi, Lesotho, and Madagascar all have zero visits.  Some of those places, like Somalia, probably have little in the way of Internet access, and some are no doubt the victims of government censorship.  Just think of all the people denied access to our little jewel of a website!  Worse than third-world, that demands a whole new category.

Iran (no surprise there, huh?), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and North Korea round out the Middle East and Asia with no visits to QL.  I’m not expecting any from them anytime soon.  Hello to them, anyway.

It looks like the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia haven’t found us, either.

In the Western hemisphere, only Cuba and the Falkland Islands seem to be snubbing us.  Fidel, baby, we need to talk!

There are no doubt some other places that haven’t visited us, but the scale of the map just doesn’t let me see them.  Some of the places we have had visitors from I had never heard of before.  Kiribati (two tiny islands in the Caribbean east of Haiti and Dominican Republic) and Palau (another tiny Caribbean island, but 7 visits from them! Way to go Palau!).

Some places I’m surprised we’ve had visitors from: Iraq and Afghanistan.  US troops maybe?  The Palestinian Territories (don’t know if from Gaza or the West Bank).  All of the other Arab countries, except as noted above, Iran (which technically isn’t an Arab country, but still).  Hello and kisses to all our Arabic brothers and sisters.  As-salamu alaykum.

Of course, lots of traffic from English speaking countries, with the USA leading the way, followed by the UK, Canada, and Australia.

So there we have it, a near world-wide exposure for Queerlandia.  We hope you enjoy reading our posts, and that you will continue to check in with us on a regular basis.  If there’s something happening in your corner of the planet that you think deserves attention, let us know by using the message form on the “About” page.

Thanks for visiting Queerlandia!

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