NEW! Equality Maps Now Include Local Non-Discri​mination Ordinances​; Updated With Recent Election Wins

I got this from Ineke Mushovic and the Movement Advancement Project team and wanted to pass it along.  If you haven’t checked out MAP you should:

We wanted to update you on a few recent changes to our LGBT Equality Maps.

Not only have we updated our maps to reflect the recent victories extending the freedom to marry in Maine, Maryland and Washington, but we also are excited to share that we’ve added a map and topic page showing the extent to which cities and counties have passed local non-discrimination ordinances prohibiting private employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. You can check out this new page here – it shows not only the cities and counties with these ordinances, but it also shows the percent of the state’s population living in these cities and counties.  This new page, developed in conjunction with the Equality Federation and many state equality groups, provides a glimpse at the local progress in many parts of the country which may not be apparent when looking at a state-level map of employment protections.

Take for example Utah, which lacks a state-level law prohibiting discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. However, three counties and 12 cities have passed local ordinances prohibiting such discrimination in private employment. As a result, an estimated 51% of Utahans are living in cities or counties with such protections.

We realize that this local information changes very quickly. We welcome feedback and input, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with state equality groups and the Equality Federation.

As a reminder, these Equality Maps, or any individual page, can be embedded – for free – on your website.  Email us if you’d like to learn more or receive help in getting the maps up on your site.

Take care,

Ineke Mushovic and the MAP team


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