Testicle boy

I saw this last week but just haven’t had time to put pen to (digital) paper.  I literally had to read the article twice to just get my brain around the story…

So it seems an aspiring model from Portugal, and by “model” I mean code for gold digging twink, might be my winner for the 2012 Crazy Award.  The 21 year-old Renato Seabra stomped his sugar daddy to death during a violent argument, castrated him, and then wore his testicles on his wrists afterwards!

I shit you NOT!  Here is an excerpt from the article on Advocate:

Lawyers for Renato Seabra, the hunky Portuguese model currently on trial for stomping his boyfriend to death in New York, offered some unusual defense theories during the trial’s opening statements. According to the New York Daily News, attorney Rubin Sinins alleges that Seabra, 21, was so “tortured” by his romance with much older, renown journalist and LGBT activist Carlos Castro that he beat and stomped the man to death, castrated him with a corkscrew, and then wore the victim’s testicles like bracelets on his wrists to “harness” their power and extract the “virus” of homosexuality as ordered by God.

“He put one on each wrist,” Sinins said. “He did this for his protection. He could also harness the power. He wandered the streets of Manhattan, touching people, because he had the power to cure people from AIDS, because he had the power to cure them.”

Now how is THAT for fucking crazy?  Word to the wise:


You can read the Advocate article in its entirety here.

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