Globally gay

I once saw a sign that said, “Let your vision be world encompassing.”  There was no product placement or website or anything else, just those six simple words.  It’s been almost 4 years since that billboard spoke to me and I had another similar moment today that brought me back to that quote.  Someone started following our blog today from Antwerp, Belgium and it really got me to thinking.  I’ll admit, I’ve never even heard of Antwerp.  I had to look it up!  Lol.  I had to take a minute and reflect on how far we’ve come in a very short period of time….

It’s been almost a full year since Jim, Nate, and I decided to roll up all of our local blogs under the umbrella of Queer Landia and focus on building one solid, thriving blog.  We’ve been attracting readers from all over the world since we first test launched QL in January of 2011 and we knew this was the way to go.  We’re globally gay now and it’s really cool to think that we’re being read in lots of different countries now.  I looked quickly at our stats for the last 30 days and by my quick estimation about 30% of our traffic has come from outside of the United States.  That’s so incredibly exciting!

We’re getting ready to formally launch our city-specific pages of local links very soon because we want to retain our local flavor.  This has been a trademark of what we’ve done ever since the days of our first blog Queer Fresno back in 2006.  What we’ve added under the auspices of the new Queer Landia is a growing global footprint because things like pride, leadership, and equality are universal ideals that resonate with gays everywhere. We’re globally gay now and although we have A LOT of work still to do to make this blog everything we want it to be, and more, I know we’re evolving in the right direction and we’re starting to see the results.  Thanks to all you out there that keep logging on and visiting us each and every day.  :-)

Oh yeah…and check out this hottie’s blog too:

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