Barney Frank lets Log Cabin Republicans have it for endorsing Romney

Earlier this morning the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Mitt Romney. How they can rationalize their actions I really don’t know. Here we have Barney Frank using logic and reasoning to point out the giant flaws that go with the Log Cabin Republicans thinking and ridiculous actions. He’s well worth listening to.

8 thoughts on “Barney Frank lets Log Cabin Republicans have it for endorsing Romney”

  1. For the longest time, I’ve listened to what the LCR has had to say, about what they stand for and believe in. In that time I’ve concluded that it has to be about money & status, because as I see it, no rational LBGT person could vote republican and expect to be accepted and enjoy benefits of being equal in our society.


      1. I have plenty that’s worthwhile to say Mike, but you and Jim spent all your time bashing me and ignoring my comments with ‘well you’re a lesbian conservative so you don’t know what you are talking about, self-loather’ being, at the very least Jim’s, usual response.
        And you revoked my posting rights, hilarious that it took so long really.


    1. It’s not reasonable to expect members of an oppressed minority to “tolerate” that oppression. Standing up forcefully to bigotry, hatred, and oppression isn’t intolerance, it’s required. Calling out candidates and organizations on their stances is not intolerance, it’s self-defense. Any other response is capitulation. Gay Republicans are supporting organizations that deliberately work against the interests of the overall LGBT community. The get no special dispensation from the rest of us when they do.



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