Orlando Cruz wins first fight since comming out!

Orlando Cruz made history over the weekend in Kissimmee, FLorida, beating his rival Jose Jorge Pazos and winning his first fight since coming out of the closet two weeks ago.

Cruz was nervous about being booed or jeered when getting into the ring, however when he stepped out he was only met with a cheering crowd and flags of his home Puerto Rico.

Cruz responded to the support with “I was very happy that they respect me. That’s what I want — them to see me as a boxer, as an athlete and as a man in every sense of the word.”

“This fight’s going to open my door for a world title fight,” Cruz said. “That’s my dream, my mom’s dream, my community’s dream and my team’s.”

And Cruz seems to be more at ease with his new position as a gay role model, no longer hiding who he is in one of the world’s most macho sports.

“I’m only one person,” Cruz said. “I feel happy with where I am. I’m free. I’m more at peace.” – Associated Press.

Gays are good at sports! We’re super proud of you Cruz, and good luck in the future!

Photo credit: J. Meric, Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Orlando Cruz wins first fight since comming out!”

  1. Yeah for boxing!! I respect this sport so much. Boxing is one of those sports that is completive and demands a person that has an attitude of a fighter. They eat, sleep,and breathe boxing. To have a boxer come out takes alot of courage. Maybe this will encourage others in the “fight circuit” to know that they have support of fans as well as ones who appreciate from afar no matter what their sexual orientation is and its okay to stand for something you believe in.It takes a Real Man to say that in front of thousands of people. Much respect and kudos to Cruz! You are a K O Baby!!



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