makes new Resources page

From their homepage:

We’re here because we know that gay guys use crystal meth.
We’re not here to promote meth or glorify meth use.
We’re not here to condemn or criticize meth use.

Instead, we’re here to provide…

INFORMATION so that gay men really understand crystal and
how it affects our physical, mental, sexual and social health
SUPPORT for guys who want to share what they know or
need to  find some answers about their meth use
RESOURCES for guys  who’ve decided that they
need to manage, change or stop their use of meth

Our website is graphic and frank
in its information about sex and drug use.

We don’t want you to be offended or threatened.

We hope you’ll choose a different site if you’re not 18  or older.

TWEAKER.ORG can also be found on our new Resources page. also has a new Spanish version of their site.


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