WATCH: Interview with college football player kicked off team for kissing boyfriend

Jamie Kuntz was a linebacker for the North Dakota State College of Science football team right up until he was caught kissing his significantly older boyfriend at an away game in the press box, where he was supposed to be filming the game. When confronted, Jamie first denied it, then later admitted the truth. (Mind you Jamie wasn’t even out at the time.) After admitting the truth Jamie was dismissed from the team for lying and for creating a distraction to the other players.

Jamie however, says he was kicked off the team for his sexual orientation. And I’m inclined to agree, because while the school says they would have done the same if he was kissing a girlfriend, I highly doubt the consequences would have been so severe. In my opinion, Jamie-or anyone for that matter- should have only gotten a suspension at most.

Watch the interview with SB Nation’s Amy K. Nelson after the jump.

Photo Credit: James MacPherson/AP

One thought on “WATCH: Interview with college football player kicked off team for kissing boyfriend”

  1. I think I kind of know how that is, I was kicked off the girls basketball team as the team manager for admitting that I kind of had a crush on a girl on the team. I am not the kind of girl who watches people practice for all the wrong reasons. They say they would have done it to a guy if they were the team manager, but I disagree, The girl told the other girls and they told their parents and the parents called and complained, I think the girl should have gotten kicked off the team to, as she was not showing good sportsmanship and respect, but no she just supposedly got yelled at. People say I was in the wrong, but I know I wasn’t. I didn’t talk crap and spread rumors, I told her myself over fb, so I think it was discrimination, but it doesn’t matter now, it’s over and done with, i might send her a message and let her know that what she did and how she responded wasn’t very sportsmanship like.



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