Feeling pretty underwhelmed about the iPhone 5

I know I’m probably going to be in the minority here but truth be told I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed by the iPhone 5.  Even amidst all the glowing reports of Apple’s stock surpassing $700 and a record 2 million phones in the first 24 hours I’m just not feeling the buzz or the love.  I’ve owned a 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S over the last few years and I’m a big fan generally.  As the ship date of the iPhone 5 approaches I feel very much like I did when the 4S fell short of many’s expectations.

I think the source of my personal apathy towards the iPhone 5 is the screen.  Although Apple is coming to the table with a bigger screen it’s only slightly bigger and still lags behind as far as I’m concerned other brands who realize us mobile professionals are doing more and more from our smartphones and need the extra real estate in our hand-held devices more than ever before.  Instead of setting the bar like we have grown accustomed to from Steve Jobs the iPhone 5 is merely catching up to the Samsung Focus S, the HTC Titan 2, and Samsung’s new Galaxy III.

I think I’ve matured in my smartphone paradigms and it’s not just about having the cool, next new thing.  I work from my phone and the larger the screen size for me the better.  Don’t get me wrong, Apple has a lock on the App market for sure but even on my Windows Phone (my platform of choice right now) I still can get about 80% of the apps I need to run my business, stay in touch with friends and family, and remotely perform all of my day-day tasks.  Again, it’s obvious I’m in the minority but I remain unimpressed and uninspired to jump on the iPhone 5 bandwagon this time around.

2 thoughts on “Feeling pretty underwhelmed about the iPhone 5”

  1. I agree. I’ve liked my iPhone 4, but a bigger screen and better battery life would make me a lot happier right now. Apple does have a ton of apps, but they’re not important enough for me to NOT switch to Windows or Android. I’ve actually gotten a bit bored with the Apple platform and would love to try a new one!

    And while Apple tried to address the larger phone wants of it’s consumers, the iP5 is only slightly longer. Even with the new processor, I am underwhelmed indeed.



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