Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, How About a Prayer to Stop Child Rapists In Your Church? Or at least cooperation with the police?

Would You Let Me Babysit Your Children?

Today in Catholic churches all over France a prayer is being read to the faithful. Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon has revived Louis XIII’s day of prayer ‘for the good of the country‘. A practice that fell into disuse somewhere between the two World Wars, when the population must have realized that prayer obviously doesn’t work; And it’s a good thing that it doesn’t! If it did, I can’t begin to imagine the deluge of horrors to befall the world at the request of Fanatic Evangelicals and their equally Fanatic Muslim counterparts. Should they be able to pray-in more 9/11′s and hurricanes and tsunamis to punish all of those who don’t submit to their ideology, there would be very little left of the planet as we know it.

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E.B. de Mas is the self-appointed CEO of the Gay Agenda. If you are writing to inquire on our "Recruit 10 heterosexuals to homosexuality and win a toaster campaign", we regret to inform you we have run out of toasters.

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  1. Wow, you are lost. I’ll pray a “useless prayer” for u.


    • Please don’t waste your time speaking to imaginary people in the sky on my account. I’d rather you spend your time doing something productive.
      As for being ‘lost’- I suggest you look up the definition. It doesn’t quite apply to people like me who have successful careers, are in long-term relationships and are contributing members of society.



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