The Blur I Used to Call My Life

I have a pretty simple routine for washing my hair. Shampoo one day, skip one day, shampoo one day, skip one day, etc. It’s like the Karate Kid version of personal hygiene: wash on, wash off.

Yet despite its simplicity, there I was this morning, lying in bed, trying desperately to remember when I last washed my hair last.

“Was it yesterday? What day is today? I remember Wednesday felt like a Tuesday, so since today feels like a Thursday it’s probably Friday. Right. Okay. That doesn’t help. Let’s see…”

And then I realized what time it was.

“7:50? I slept in? Now I don’t have time to take a shower. Unless i wait until the baby takes her first nap. But I wanna be dressed and getting other stuff done during that time, so that won’t work. Well, I guess I washed my hair yesterday then.”

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