First Kiss

This image is making the rounds on Facebook, and it’s garnered some comments, as one might expect.  The picture is out of context, so we don’t know the story behind it.  Some have commented that they think it might be staged, but looking at it, I don’t believe that to be true.  Most comments are along the lines of “awwww how cute!”, which is where I come down on the situation.

We don’t know if this is a spontaneous moment captured by an adult, or if it is a recreation of something that happened a moment before, or if it is a staged situation, with the boys simply playing along with some idea of a parent or other adult.  Heck, it could even be older children trying to play a trick on the young boys who follow them around, like a pair of lost puppies!

I’m hoping, however, that it’s the real thing.  That these boys have a great affection for each other, and live in an environment that allows them to express that affection.  Whatever the real situation behind the picture, it’s a great canvas on which to see the reactions painted there by those who comment (and write blogs!) about the image.

The comments I saw on Facebook range from “ewwww” (not many) to, as I said before, “awwww, how cute!” (most).  As adults, we know the boys may just be acting out something they’ve seen at home or on television, and not be any more intense in their friendship than any other pair of buddies.  What I think is important, though, is that it appears that the idea of two boys kissing doesn’t bother our little Romeos.  They might have broke the kiss in a fit of giggles, or maybe it’s a “see you later” kiss, with each of them running home for dinner.  That’s the problem with out of context images, we have to make up our own story.

Some, of course, try and take the “high road”, and say it’s inappropriate, and would be even if it were a boy and a girl of the same ages.  For some, this is adult behavior, and inappropriate for children.  I think that’s going a bit far, and imposing adult thinking on an innocent situation.  Kids don’t think like adults, even when they copy something they saw adults doing.  Perhaps we would do well to remember the song lyric “a kiss is just a kiss”, and leave it there.

We don’t know if these boys will grow up to be gay.  If they do, they’re off to a good start.  (or at least that’s what MY painting on that canvas will show.  You go, boys!)


10 thoughts on “First Kiss”

  1. I believe in non-sexual crushes and affection at ages prior to being inundated by culture’s concepts of normal, we boys show affection to whomever we choose. These boys are not gay, not straight, they are just humans. Humans fall in love, have affection for and show affection to other human beings. Any other label plays into the hands of society and it’s so-called norms. This is just two boys, giving each other a non-sexual, nor sensual, affectionate kiss bye or whatever, I doubt there was a thought behind it other than, “I love you”.

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  2. A final thought on the foto (not-withstanding replies to other comments), these two may very well just be brothers who grew up in a house where affection is shown. I know some father’s who do not kiss their make children, thinking it somehow a ‘wrong message’ to send or w/e reason they come up with. I’ve also seen homes where the father and son actually shower together up to a certain age, giving the boy a mirror and opportunity to ask questions and such and to learn what other ‘boys’ do and do not do. This would very much apply to boys or are uncircumcised and need to be taught how to care for their penis while bathing. I know many father who not only kiss their sons, but do so on the lips, again up to a certain age, and even after on the right celebration days. So there are many IF’s from this foto and I still stick by my msg of it being nothing out of the norm in any way and even if NOT related, it shows that humans are just affectionate by nature and it is WE the adults who teach them how NOT to be loving to one another. There is a difference, although most don’t see the line, between SEX, Sexuality, Sensuality and Affectionate Behaviors. This is most assuredly not sex or sexual and I doubt they are doing it in public for a sensual reason, that leaves the obvious, Occum’s Razor being applied; they are affection boys, most probably brothers, and one if off to school and little brother will miss big brother. It is as sweet as a pic of a boy kissing a girl at the same age except without the controversy and yet the rules would still be the same. No boy at this age kisses girl or boy because they are HOT. They act out of love. That’s my two cents and they are well earned from my very odd and ‘active’ childhood. If not related, it is exactly what i label it in prior comment, at the farthest stretch of possibility, they have crushes on each other. And possibly repeating myself, I, myself and many i know have had non-sexual crushes on the same gender and others. Some people just make us want to glow inside. In summation, sweet boys with obvious sweet parents who didn’t make a big deal of this. Usually, making a big deal is what tends to lock children into a behavior sex or otherwise. Blessings to all and hope nobody gave these boys any crap for it at school, neighbor or elsewhere. A little love in this world I do not think will hurt.


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