I’m back.

A few months ago my wife and I (my wife did most of the work, I just watched and took notes) had a baby.  I wrote a few posts about myself and our experience so far and then I stopped for a while.

I guess trying to start writing a regular blog wasn’t a good time to have a baby (or vice versa?) so it fell by the wayside.

Plus each post felt too precious and I put way more energy into them than you would guess from reading them. Not this time.

Anyway, I might’ve already made these declarations in an earlier post.  If that’s the case and you are upset, annoyed, or in any way offended; you should probably just stop being on the internet for a while as you’re obviously over your limit.

I’ve been really busy but I don’t wanna let this go, so let’s see what happens.

I’ve found that sitting silently in the dark holding a bottle waiting for a baby to fall asleep is a good way to collect your thoughts, and it turns out I have more of those than I thought.

One thought on “I’m back.”


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