Watch: Austrian Gay Short Film “Homophobia”

As you probably already know, today is the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia, or IDAHO. With that, the makers of the Austrian short film ‘Homophobia’ released the film online for all to everyone to watch for free. ‘Homophobia’ is a story about a Michael, a soldier in the Austrian Military Forces who struggles to come to terms with his feelings for a comrade, and explores the fear behind homophobia.

“Laws can prevent people from doing crimes, but they don’t change people’s thinking. Art can touch people on an emotional level and therefore really make an impact.” says director Gregor Schmidinger. “People often connect homophobia with hate, but it’s really about fear. It’s the fear of the unknown and sometimes of the unknown within ourselves. With Homophobia I want to portray this conflict and provide people with new perspectives on an empathetic level.”

About Nathan Simpson

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  1. understand, people need to understand better to be able to accept and love. This is a great short film



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