President Obama comes out. Finally.

The day after North Carolina voted to add marriage discrimination into it’s state Constitution, President Obama finally came out.  Talking to ABC’s Robin Roberts, the President says he supports marriage equality.

You can now expect the wingnuts to go full-on batshit crazy in response.  Cinch down those seat belts, it’s likely to get bumpy from here.  Be sure any mobile devices you have Twitter on have fully charged batteries.  It might be wise to put on a flak jacket, and a helmet, too.

It’s a bit infuriating to have our civil rights subject to such political machinations, but in the cynical view, that’s how things get done, especially in Washington, D.C. One thing for sure, the race for the White House just got a whole lot more interesting!

One thought on “President Obama comes out. Finally.”

  1. It’s great that Obama has come out in favor or marriage equality, but I still wonder if it was the right thing to do, if he should have waited until after the election. However campaign funds are pouring in, so we’ll see how this develops from now to the election.



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