“Our Time” a good read

A collection of short essays written by active duty and former military personnel, “Our Time” chronicles the hardships and joys of gays and lesbians as they navigated the stormy waters before and during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and in the months between the signing ceremony and the actual end of the policy.

Sometimes joyful, sometimes profoundly saddening, and sometimes infuriating stories of real people caught up in the desire to serve their country, rise to the high standards demanded by that service, and finding themselves having to choose between those standards and those desires.  Some chose to come out and accept the responsibility and repercussions of that decision, others chose to remain closeted in order to continue serving the country they love, and some straddle a fence, trying to be honest with themselves and the people they serve with as well as honoring the rules.

From the first story by a gay Air Force staff sergeant relating how a straight fellow airman saved his life after a disastrous encounter with his father, to the final transcript of an interview with the parents of a Army soldier killed while protecting a fellow soldier under his command,  “Our Time” gives the reader an intimate look at the pain and stress endured by the men and women of the Armed Forces who served this nation proudly.  From those who were out while serving, even under DADT, to those who were, or still are, in the closet, the reader learns of the dedication and sacrifice so many are willing to make to be a part of the Armed Services.

Our Time – Breaking The Silence Of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Available at Amazon.com, here.

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