Anchorage Assembly says ‘no’ to investigation into voter fraud

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the chaotic election in Achorage, Alaska. On April 3rd, voters came out to let their opinions be known on a range of items, but most importantly the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance Proposition 5 which was voted down.

With a shortage of ballots, people were casting their votes on unofficial ballots, told to vote at other precincts, and then told they couldn’t vote at that precinct without given a reason why. All this including anti-gay activists committing fraud by telling people they could register and vote the same day (you can’t, you must register 30 days prior), made for a very stressful day of voting. To give you an idea of how bad the ballot shortage was, preliminary reviews say 53 of 121 precincts were at least temporarily short of ballots.

After the ACLU got wind of the situation, they called for an independent party to assess the election. The Anchorage Assembly rejected the resolution on a 7-4 vote, but some Assembly members aren’t convinced there wasn’t any foul play and are still interested in the idea.

From Kansas City Star:

 Some Assembly members who voted “no” said they liked the idea but wanted more information first to better direct the investigation.

Assembly Chairwoman Debbie Ossiander announced the Assembly would have a work session on the election Friday and would hear from the city clerk as well as the six-person Election Commission. [...]

One Assembly member said during a break that the election irregularities may have been severe enough to justify a redo.

“That’s my gut feeling,” said Harriet Drummond, who chairs the Assembly elections and ethics committee. She said she’s also heard of problems with improperly addressed absentee ballots as well as the ballot shortage. [...]

“There’s so many errors. There’s no way to fix a specific point of blame at this point in time until we have answers to all these questions,” Drummond said.

So things are far from over, and I can only imagine what type of backlash the city would get if they don’t handle this correctly, I.e. re-vote or independent review. We’ll see how they take it from here.

2 thoughts on “Anchorage Assembly says ‘no’ to investigation into voter fraud”

  1. So you know how many voters are registered at each precinct. How can you not have enough ballots available? Even with extras to replace mistakes or for provisional votes, how do you run short? Poor planning, or deliberate sabotage?



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