Big News: Dr. Robert Spitzer Renounces Infamous ‘Ex-Gay’ Study

From Truth Wins Out
‘In a move that serves as a significant blow to “ex-gay” programs and anti-gay organizations, Dr. Robert Spitzer repudiated his much-criticized 2001 study that claimed some “highly motivated” homosexuals could go from gay to straight. His retraction occurred in an American Prospect magazine article that hit newsstands today. Spitzer’s rejection of his own research, which was originally published in the prestigious Archives of Sexual Behavior, is a devastating blow to “ex-gay” organizations because it decisively eliminates their most potent claim that homosexuality can be reversed through therapy and prayer. ‘

This is a huge deal, folks. This man’s ‘research’ has been cited by anti-gay groups countless times and has been a weapon against the LGBT community. It would have been significant if someone else refuted his research. It’s so much more powerful that he has done so himself! A great day for our community.


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