Sick and tired

From JoeMyGod:

“The only reason why the number of supporters for same sex ‘marriage’ may be increasing is because people are sick and tired. Homosexuals have made people sick and tired. “

Maine anti-gay activist Paul Madore, in a press release announcing the formation of No Special Rights PAC.

So what do y’all think? Have we homosexuals just worn opponents down? Irritated them into submission?

What would you consider to be the main contributing factor behind shifting polls and growing support?

2 thoughts on “Sick and tired”

  1. Did women earn the right to vote because people just got sick and tired? Did African Americans earn their freedom because people just got sick and tired? If so, then maybe.

    Or maybe this guy is an idiot. And an embrarassing representation of my home state.


  2. I think he’s just sick and tired of being on the wrong side of right. Maybe he’s figured out he’s making himself ill and wearing himself down by his bigotry.
    The single biggest factor in “wearing down” the opposition to LGBTQ equality is the fact that more and more people are out about their sexuality. As more of us come out of our closets, and show our faces to our families, friends, and co-workers, it becomes more difficult for the haters to stand in their ignorance and bigotry. Once they know someone they love or admire is gay, the more likely they’ll come to change their opinions.
    That’s one reason we here at QueerLandia are so supportive of the idea that being out is the best form of activism. You can’t change society from inside a closet.



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