NC bigot films himself shooting Anti-Amendment One sign in Neighbor’s yard

So some guy and a friend in North Carolina decided the best way to protest their neighbor’s “Vote Against Amendment One” sign is to shoot it with a shotgun while in their neighbor’s yard. The most disturbing part isn’t just what he’s doing, but what he’s saying as wellI.

Video after the jump….

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Family Acceptance Project speaker to visit rural California

Tulare County is located in the vast Central Valley of California, is the nation’s #1 dairy producer, and ranks consistently #2 or #3 in overall agricultural production in the United States.  Visalia, the county seat, was also the home of EricJames Borges, a 19 year old gay man whose suicide garnered attention worldwide in January, 2012.

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“Our Time” a good read

A collection of short essays written by active duty and former military personnel, “Our Time” chronicles the hardships and joys of gays and lesbians as they navigated the stormy waters before and during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and in the months between the signing ceremony and the actual end of the policy.

Sometimes joyful, sometimes profoundly saddening, and sometimes infuriating stories of real people caught up in the desire to serve their country, rise to the high standards demanded by that service, and finding themselves having to choose between those standards and those desires.  Some chose to come out and accept the responsibility and repercussions of that decision, others chose to remain closeted in order to continue serving the country they love, and some straddle a fence, trying to be honest with themselves and the people they serve with as well as honoring the rules.

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Learn tons of great LGBT history at the Pop-Up Philadelphia exhibit!

The William Way Community Center and The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History have teamed up to give us Pop-Up Philadelphia, a month long exhibition dedicated to the lesser known aspects of queer history.

The exhibition opened April 21st, and will close May 19th, and will be on the ground floor of The William Way Community Center. Pop-Up Philadelphia is featuring a huge variety of exhibits to shed some light on largely unknown histories of queer communities in Philly and all over the globe. Some of the exhibits are:

  • A primary source documentation of the use of drag in Philadelphia Mummers’ Parades dating back to the 1880s
  • A sculptural memorial for queer communities in Uganda threatened by a proposed law that makes queerness punishable by death
  • A video history project about the lives of black lesbian elders.

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The dirty dozen!

So we’ve gotten so much great feedback from our Top 10 list that we’ve expanded it to 12.  From now on we’ll display the Top 12 Posts and Pages on the site over the last 24 hours in our widget area.  We’ll also send out the list in our weekly email updates.  This is a great way to show off some more of our great content and blogs and also highlight what all of you, our loyal and terrific readers, are clicking on to and reading.  Thanks so much for logging on and supporting this great blog with every click!