Castro Crimes Against Gay Men On The Rise In San Francisco: Police

Be careful out there, SF gay boyfriends.

This article comes to us courtesy of SF Weekly’s The Snitch.

By Erin Sherbert

San Francisco police are asking gay men in the Castro to be a little more judicious about who they take home from the bar after a night of drinking.

It seems there have been too many instances laltely in which older gay men are being targeted by (straight) criminals who are coming into gay bars, flirting with men, and then robbing them after they take them home.

Sgt. Chuck Limbert, the LGBT liaison for the Mission District, tells us that one victim recently called him to report an incident where he was drinking at a Castro bar when a really good-looking man walked in and bought him a drink. The two began talking and after some time, the hottie suggested they go home together, Limbert said.

Read more here.


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