Utah passes Abstinence-only sex ed bill, Bans talking about homosexuality and contraceptives in schools

So it’s pretty well known that abstinence-only sex ed doesn’t work. All that does is allow myths and misconceptions that teenagers have about sex continue, and even get worse. Utah lawmakers had the bright idea to not only demand abstinence-only sex ed, but completely bans students from taking to teachers about pre-marital sex, contraceptives, and homosexuality.

From Fox13: “After the new bill goes into effect, the teaching of sex education in Utah classrooms has to be about not having sex before marriage and fidelity within marriage. Teachers cannot advocate the use of contraceptives anymore and they cannot talk about homosexuality, even if asked by a student.

HB 363 would also allow any Utah school to opt out of sex education and would ban students from talking to their teachers about pre-marital sex.

“My problem is that we’re having essentially complete strangers teaching our children, who frankly we don’t know who they are and exactly what they’re teaching, with the most sensitive issues that do belong in the home,” said one Republican Senator during Tuesday’s floor debate.”

This does nothing to help the students, nothing at all. I don’t think the lawmakers will realize where kids will go to learn about sex next, the internet. While there’s some great information about sex, odds are that’s not where the kids will go to learn. Now that’s a scary thought.

The Governor still has to sign the bill, but no word yet as to whether he will or not.

Watch the video from Fox13 here.

4 thoughts on “Utah passes Abstinence-only sex ed bill, Bans talking about homosexuality and contraceptives in schools”

  1. Well, I hope they included in the bill passed in Utah that Utah has the highest rate of rape in the country. More women are raped in Utah than any other state proportionally and rape aften goes unreported in Utah because it is considered worse to have lost chastity than to die!!! That is what they should teach in school in Utah….TELL if you get raped, it is not your fault and get the HELL out of UTAH.


  2. This is disheartening and disgusting. That a legislator would stand on the floor in any state and basically declare that “Education doesn’t belong in schools!” should be hilarious, but is instead horrifying.


  3. As soon as this was passed it was this morning chatter amongst my fellow co-workers and I. While we shared a french press all of us came to the round about agreement that this is horrifying in every aspect. Especially in this state!!! Its not only the most ridiculous thing we ever heard of but for the most part the most stupid (and one of our top 5 on our list besides Utah’s liquor laws and strange holidays, but still we do heart Utah ! ) Oy Vey! To have our youth of this state uneducated but told to wait until marriage is so scary. No matter what sexuality you are, as a youth, sex ed is important! I just hope there will be a solution to this madness. Til then you bet your sweet face Im writin’ the fool that had the balls to stand on the floor and have this passed in our beautiful state!



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