Gay Couple file lawsuit after Cleveland Police tell them “faggots don’t deserve to wear pants in jail”

We’ve all done it, you’re walking home from the bar significant other, both a little drunk, and  you get into an argument. This is where the story goes awry, what started as a lovers quarrel in Cleveland Ohio, ends up landing Jonathan Simcox and his partner Steven Ondo in jail.

While Simcox and Ondo were arguing a neighbor who happened to be police officer took it upon his off-duty self to shut them up.

Simcox described the ordeal to Fox 8 Cleveland: “He came out over shouting, saying, ‘Shut up, you`re disturbing the peace’,” said Simcox. “I pushed to get past him, as soon as I did that he knocked me on the ground, and just started beating me, hitting me, standing over top of me, and punching me repeatedly.”

After that the police show up, and still covered in cuts and blood, Simcox and Ondo were thrown in jail. Their stay was a brief one, Simcox and Ondo were released without charges.

Now one would think that alone warrants a lawsuit, but the buck doesn’t stop there, oh no. Only a week later, the couple were awoken in the middle of the night and arrested again.

According to the lawsuit, “6 or 7 members of the SWAT/and or Warrant Team” were on a sweep that day. Ondo and Simcox said officers then informed them they were wanted on a warrant that was issued for, “assaulting a peace officer.”
The men said each time they tried asking questions, the officers became increasingly violent.


“The officer in the glasses grabbed me by my shirt, and punched me twice in the face, after he punched me, he threw me up against the wall,” said Simcox.


Simcox says at the time of the arrest, he and his partner were wearing only underwear and t-shirts. When Simcox’s brother asked police if he could get them some pants and shoes, one of the officers allegedly responded by saying, “You can go get them shoes, but faggots don`t deserve to wear pants in jail.

The couple was forced to stand outside in only their underwear and a t-shirt in the middle of April, and still were refused pants for over 24 hours once taken to jail.

Well after than Simcox and Ondo hired attorney David Malikhave and filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the officers.

It’s terrible in some parts of the country the LGBT community can’t trust those who are only supposed to be protecting them. I hope all of the officers involved get fired and serves as an example to the rest of the Cleveland Police Department and the rest of the world that discrimination and hatred will not be tolerated.

Watch the report by Fox 8 Cleveland here.

4 thoughts on “Gay Couple file lawsuit after Cleveland Police tell them “faggots don’t deserve to wear pants in jail””

  1. I hope these two men take this lawsuit as far as they can. That is appalling and unjust in every way. Hit em where it hurts – their wallets and their jobs. There are sick people in this world and hopefully…rightfully so…they need to pay up to these victims of hate.



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