Notre Dame Students demand GSA!

Being one of the top schools in the country, I had just assumed Notre Dame would have a Gay Straight Alliance. However that’s not the case, this top tier school also doesn’t have a LGBT non-discrimination policy. Students have taken note of this and have since created the 4 to 5 Movement. The 4-5 Movement highlights being an LGBTQ ally on the Notre Dame campus makes you apart of the majority, not the minority. 4-5 released a video earlier today titled, “It Needs to Get Better — A Message from the 4 to 5 Movement.”, calling for Notre Dame to officially recognize its gay-straight alliance student club and to add ‘sexual orientation’ into its non-discrimination policy.

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UUA convinces Verizon to add transgender protections!

Another victory for transgender rights, Verizon has agreed to include “gender identity or expression” to its non-discrimination policy after much urging from the Unitarian Universalist Association.

For the past five years, the UUA has filed shareholder resolutions with Verizon Communications asking for them to include protections for transgendered workers.

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We are Greater Than AIDS

I’ve been meaning to show some love to the Greater Than campaign for a while…I’m going to add their link to Poz page today too!

The Greater Than AIDS movement responds to the AIDS crisis in the United States, in particular the severe and disproportionate epidemic among Black Americans. Through a national media campaign and community outreach, Greater Than AIDS aims to elevate the public’s knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS and confront the stigma surrounding the disease. Although national in scope, the effort is targeting communities most heavily affected, based on HIV/AIDS incidence and prevalence data.

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Mike Martinez:

After a brief absence…!

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As we mentioned last week, you can like and reblog posts directly from your reader, which displays a stream of all the updates published on all the blogs you follow from your account.

We’ve also brought the reblog button back to the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen when you’re logged into Note that you’ll only see the like and reblog options while you’re looking at individual posts.

For example, you’ll see this on the left side of your toolbar while viewing

And your toolbar will look like this while you’re browsing the home page of

How does reblogging work?

Reblogging is a quick way to share posts published by other users on your own blog. People have been reblogging others’ posts since blogging started, but our new reblogging system enables authors to retain greater control over their content.


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Is homosexuality a choice?

Not according to Mr. Gary Lynn!  Gary says being gay is neither a choice or a sin and that straights and gays live under the same God-given rules.  What is the basis for these beliefs?  You can read all about those and about his life story at his website.  Click on the Gary’s high school picture below to make the jump to his site!