HAM radio operator? Gay? There’s a club for that!

Are you a HAM radio operator?  LGBT? Then this might be the group for you!

I’ve been a licensed Amateur Radio Service operator since 1991.  In that time I’ve been on FM voice in the VHF and UHF bands, on computer-to-computer links via radio (called packet radio), on live television (yes, we can do TV!), GPS map tracking over radio (APRS), and Internet linking that allows me to use a walkie-talkie to communicate almost anywhere in the world! Even McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

All this and shortwave communications around the world are possible to licensed Amateur Radio Operators!  Check out the hobby/service. We’d be glad to have you join us.

73, KC6YRU

11 thoughts on “HAM radio operator? Gay? There’s a club for that!”

    1. Hey…Just got my ticket for the Tech license (no call sign yet tho) and its eeeeasy. You could read the manual (daunting for the unelectric at least the first few chapters, but doable) or actually you could just memorize the 350 question bank–not impossible. You might also get some help out of this site : http://aa9pw.com/radio/ for sample tests..Come into the light..we need more young gay hams (on the radio, not on the stage–there we have enough) lol. Good luck Ken.


    2. :) hi. I’m looking to get my HRL as well. A guy offers a 2-day class in VT, NH, and OH, where you take the exams (I & II) at the end of each day’s course. The first day exam gets you the Technician license; the second day gets you the General license. He has a class scheduled for October in Manchester NH. I’d like to find out if he will have another on in Burlington VT before the end of the year. I don’t know what is the cost of the course though. I’ve tried online coursework and self-study for other certifications… Trouble is they are just too easily put-off and way too wide in scope to remember anything for the exams.


      1. Some bookstores, and Amazon.com, have books you can purchase to study for the tests. They are published by the American Radio Relay League, the leader in Ham Radio organizations. You can check the ARRL’s website at http://www.arrl.org/ If the online study guides aren’t working for you, a book might be a better way to study. Good luck, and we look forward to hearing you on the airwaves!


  1. Hmmm! Is it just me or is “Enthusiasts” misspelled in the phrase “An International Organization For LGBT Ham Radio ‘Entusiasts'”? I think the “h” is missing. Sorry, I’m a retired proofreader.

    Van in San Diego


  2. Hello,

    I am looking to join a ham radio club that excepts GLBT people like me. I also would like to meet some of your members at the Dayton Hamvetion on May18th.


  3. Hey phil. In the SFBA as well. A part of a repeater group but not an LGBT Ham Club. That’d be a great idea though. What freq. do you use. We love making new contacts



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