Tony Perkins gets panties in a bunch over gay content in video game.

So if you’re a gaymer, you might have noticed how videos games as of late are including gay content, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 3, and with the latest announcement, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Pretty awesome right? Well Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, is calling out for his listeners to barrage Bioware with comments “to show companies who the Force is really with!” in a radio bulletin entitled ‘Rebel Fleet Surrenders to Gay Empire’.

        “In a new Star Wars game, the biggest threat to the empire may be homosexual activists! Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. In a galaxy not so far far away, Star Wars gamers have already gone to the dark side. The new video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has added a special feature: gay relationships. Bioware, the company that developed the game, said it’s launching a same-sex romance component to satisfy some complaints. That surprised a lot of gamers, since Bioware had made it clear in 2009 that “gay” and “lesbian” don’t exist in the Star Wars universe. Since the announcement, homosexuals have been celebrating the news, but parents sure aren’t. On the game’s website, there are more than 300 pages of comments–a lot of them expressing anger that their kids will be exposed to this Star Warped way of thinking. You can join them by logging on and speaking up. It’s time to show companies who the Force is really with!”

I just don’t understand how this man can obsess about gays more than most gays! And it’s a damn video game, give me a break!

Listen to the audio yourself at Right Wing Watch.

Via: Towleroad

4 thoughts on “Tony Perkins gets panties in a bunch over gay content in video game.”

  1. One effective action I’ve noticed people taking these days is to send emails, faxes and ‘Like’ the Facebook pages of the likes of Perkins so as to be able to contribute to active discussion on this sort of thing.

    So far, these responses have had cataclysmic consequences for homophobic business for example whose daily routine changes from dealing with their customers, to finding 999 out of every 1,000 emails is about their homophobia and not their business.

    Online petitions that also give out this information are useful too, however one thing to beware of of course is they can play s at our own game and spam us right back, but in the world of many>one and one< many, that too will take up their whole day.

    Any interest in this? To kick things off, we'd need to start with the fax numbers and email addresses of the "Family" Research Council and Tony Perkins.

    If 1,000 people each send a fax, then that's two reams worth of good start, if it's a 5 page fax so much the better in terms of information transmitted, and if we also email and 'Like' the message will start to hit home. Online petitions on gay rights issues typically produce tens to hundreds of thousands of supportive responses, so I have a feeling we could do well with that as a starting point.

    Any such effort I feel needs to have 2 or 3 supporting references from experts, such as psychologists with expert knowledge of gaming, professors of subjects like sociology, well educated supportive parents and so forth so as to carry weight if the thing suddenly goes viral – as is likely with this – and people end up talking to the media.

    Typically it's kids playing these video games, so it's a hot potato needing authoritative expert administration.


    1. I want to clarify that what I am advocating above, while clearly spamming of sorts in the big picture, is not to fill our opponents’ fax machines, mailboxes and Facebooks with random junk, but to send helpful factual information such as is provided by the APA, and PFLAG, as well as personal testimonials.

      In fact I think it’s essential not to be abusive in any way. Let abuse, if there is going to be any, all come from their side.


  2. A couple of gamer guys mentioned this to me yesterday. Their take on it? No big deal. They still enjoyed the game, and said “if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married!”
    They didn’t get what Perkins was freaking out about.
    That’s very telling: the younger the person (and these guys were both over 20 years old), the less this kind of thing bothers them.
    We’ve still got bullying problems to deal with, but we’re also making big strides with young people.


  3. And you know the real issue I see here? Perkins wants to control what a private company does because he wants to “protect the children” only he forgets that it’s not his job to protect children. It’s the parent’s job and if they don’t like the game then they can either not buy it for their kids or forbid them from buying/playing it if they have money of their own.

    That’s what parenting is about. If you don’t like something your child is doing, or you don’t like something they are involved in, then you make them stop doing/involving themselves in it. You don’t demand that a private company bend to your will and do what you consider morally right.

    Yet another example of how “social conservative” is about as far from the definition of being a real conservative as it’s possible to get.



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