Introducing Matt Bomer, Possibly the Sexiest Gay Celebrity Ever

So I feel somewhat guilty for posting about a hot actor who happens to be homosexual instead of posting about the myriad of pressing matters that actually need to be attended to, but, we all need to indulge once in a while, right? Besides, look at his face!

Image via

I know what you’re thinking – DANG. Am I right? Regardless, that’s what I thought when I saw Bomer in a commercial premiering the next season of the show White Collar. He has the lead role in the USA Network television series, and acts as a conman-turned-FBI consultant. (insert dirty joke about how he could arrest me anytime, how he could shoot me with his gun whenever he wants to, etc.)

He doesn’t look too bad in a suit either. Not bad at all… Image via

When asked about his sexual orientation Bomer responded,” I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled with my personal life.” While co-hosting the Today with Hoda Kotb, he revealed that he has three children: Kit, Walker, and Henry. He is rumored to be raising them with Simon Halls. Irrespective of his sexuality, I may need to check out White Collar when I have the chance – it does seem like an interesting show, and the opportunity to stare at eye candy under the pretense of being occupied with the show’s plot does seem promising.

I am including a shirtless picture for the sake of thoroughness. That is all. Image via

What do you guys think of Matt Bomer? Hot or not? I am curious in the taste of those who read and follow this blog.

18 thoughts on “Introducing Matt Bomer, Possibly the Sexiest Gay Celebrity Ever”

  1. Hi, I think I know you from somewhere … just kidding! I didn’t know that he was gay, I’ve watched White Collar every now and then but I never would have suspected, not that it bothers me. Hot, definitely hot!


    1. Really? I don’t recall… either way, it’s nice to meet you. I’m just kidding too. (: I wouldn’t have suspected either, it’s wonderful what you can find out from Google. I’m glad you agree about his physical attractiveness!


  2. He is absolutely hot. I can’t wait for the movie “The Normal Heart” in which he will be romantically involved with Mark Ruffalo. Also, I like White Collar. It may not be a blockbuster TV show, but it is enjoyable.


  3. Geeze, even I think he’s hot.
    Why do you think I started watching White Collar?

    I mean, I may only buy things on one side of the store, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire things on the other side.


  4. omg i love this guy. totally gorgeous and a fine actor as well. have you seen him in magic mike? they stuck him in the back for the most part but keeping my attention off him was still hard work…


    1. I did notice him in Magic Mike, it was one of the reasons I went to see the film in the first place! Not my favorite movie plot-wise, but his being in it definitely helped my opinion of the movie as a whole. (:



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