A coming out story, a view from the other side.

A witty ‘shoe on the other foot’ video about a teenager coming out to his family. At least it wasn’t at Thanksgiving dinner!

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In Anything That Befalls You, Find the Gift in It

“Whatever happens in your life, if you look for a positive circumstance, you will find it. This is a most challenging truth. When you uncover the gift in a hard situation, it enables you to grow strong in mind and spirit.”. (fear not) Venture to Inner Peace by Alan Lohner Continue reading In Anything That Befalls You, Find the Gift in It

So close to Same-sex marriage in Washington!

We are *so* close to having same-sex marriage in the state of Washington! The House Judiciary Committee squeaked the bill by, in a party line 7-6 vote on Monday (I think you can guess which was which). A vote is expected to come from the Senate as early as tomorrow!

The AP also tells us three Republican amendments were rejected, including one that would have allowed private businesses and individuals to the religious exemption clause and allowed people to still discriminate openly.

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Video: Archie Comics’ Gay Wedding

The creative team behind the much-anticipated gay wedding issue of Archie Comics is speaking out about its publication.”Kevin and Clay getting married really is just a reflection of what’s going on in the world today,” Goldwater said. “If you get married in Riverdale, Riverdale accepts everybody, so this was more of an acceptance.”

Reuters also spoke to a number of New Yorkers, none of whom seemed to find fault with the historic issue. One woman even joked: “Now if Betty and Veronica were getting married — that would be even better, right?”

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Suze Orman: Don’t Let Marriage Inequality Stop You From Protecting Your Partner – VIDEO

from ontopmag.com and afterellen.com

Money guru Suze Orman has released a new video on what gay couples can do to financially protect themselves in the absence of marriage.

In the 2-minute Ask The Expert video from NewNowNext, Orman, who is openly gay, reminds legally married couples that they are not completely protected because the federal government does not recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

“I want you all to listen to me right now, ’cause I really have some news that you need to understand,” Orman said. “Even though your state may say that you can legally get married in that state, the truth of the matter is the federal government does not, does not, and does not recognize it.”

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