There’s a new Queer in town, and she’s looking good.

Hello, Queerlandia readers!

My name is Natasha Muse.  I’m a San Francisco semi-native (15 years as of the first of this month!) working hard to make a career out of being funny.  You can find more about that on my website.

But my writing here won’t be focused on that.

When Mike asked me to write for his blog, he said it was because he “particularly enjoyed my set” (that’s comedy-talk for a stand-up performance).

I said, “Great! I wanna talk about something that’s totally unrelated to performing or being funny. Instead I wanna write about my life as a new mom.”

He said, “Um, okay, but feel free to be funny. Please. That’s the reason I asked you to contribute to the blog in the first place.”  He didn’t actually write that last part, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it. I could feel his thought waves coming at me through my computer screen.

And then I thought back, “I’ll try, Mike. I’ll try.”

Then I heard the voice of Yoda in my head, and I knew I needed to stop daydreaming.

So, yeah, my wife of three years just gave birth to our incredibly beautiful (I’m being objective, I swear!) daughter, and I figured- “Hey, I’m new to blogging and new to motherhood, so why not put the two news together? Why not write about all the adventures, observations, and other stray thoughts that I run into as a queer parent?”

Why not indeed.

I guess that’s all you need to know about me for now!

Oh, and also I’m transsexual.

And in case you weren’t sure, the title of this post is inspired by this song.

4 thoughts on “There’s a new Queer in town, and she’s looking good.”

  1. @Mike I thought the first part was pretty accurate! And the other part I already copped to being of my own imaginings, so there’s no reason to break out the written records ;)

    @Meredith- thanks! And I’m glad to relieve you of your newbie status. I don’t get to be the “fresh face” very often these days so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Looking forward to seeing what you post too!



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