VIDEO: Maggie Gallagher on how to serve up hate, bigotry at the Thanksgiving table

From comes this extraordinary video:

Maggie Gallagher, the former chair of the notoriously anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, is offering some advice for serving up a heaping helping of hate and bigotry at your Thanksgiving table this year.

“The gay marriage movement has cultivated a rather low threshold for moral indignation. If you don’t think two men in a union are a marriage, you are a bigot … well that sentiment sometimes translates to some pretty uncomfortable holiday dinner conversations,” said Gallagher.

Here she offers some tips on holding your bigoted, moral high ground. Watch:

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Maggie Gallagher on how to serve up hate, bigotry at the Thanksgiving table”

  1. That {…} with her upturned nose is inciting violence against LGBT people. There should be a rotisserie skewer {…} for her to be roasted over a spitfire. She is inserting her hateful political gay bashing into individual families’ Thanksgivings. As if it were not hateful to get somebody at a Thanksgiving table to opine that heterosexual marriages are “morally” superior to homosexual marriages. As if that were not bigotry. Who does that {…} think she is fooling?


  2. So with her saying that marriages should only be between couples who are going to have offspring. We should not allow people who are sterile to marry, or older couples who cannot have kids. The bottom line is the contract of marriage gives certain legal rights and all couples in LOVE should have these rights. By allowing marriage between people of the same sex, nobody is diluting opposite sex marriage. It is simply equal opportunity to have access to the laws and rights of marrige for all.


  3. 1. Sue your hair dresser, Miss Piggy would not wear her hair like that and neither should you.
    2. Tolerance is given to children until they learn better, I’ve done nothing wrong and you seem unable to learn better.
    3. Families debate and argue about money, religion, politics, and who will do the dishes. Same sex marriage will be a hot topic until it’s common place, just as all social change has been, when you remind yourself that you love your family you’ll see this is not a matter YOU have an investment in. Only a biggot gets involved in other peoples lives, gay men and lesbian women do not want involved in your life and you should stay out of theirs,
    4. Enjoy your turkey, and remember it when it comes time to eat crow.



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