It’s 10 O’clock Michelle Obama, do you know where your husband is?

President Obama and Chinese Leader Hu Jintao in a lip lock

The United Colors of Benetton launched a campaign called the UNHATE Foundation earlier today. It features prominent leaders in countries around the world engaged in some lip on lip action on banners almost as big as houses with the title UNHATE. The purpose? To combat hatred and promote cultural tolerance.

More Obama lip action after the jump…

President Obama and Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez

For more glorious pictures of world leaders kissing, click here.

Via: Towleroad

4 thoughts on “It’s 10 O’clock Michelle Obama, do you know where your husband is?”

    1. I’m no expert photographer, but if you look closely at the photos and study the light, shadows, etc. They don’t look genuine. Besides, if you look at Obama’s face in the pictures and compare the facial features and positions, you will realize that it’s the exact same photo, just reverse using, very good I’ll admit, manipulation.

      Given that, I’ll go out on a limb and say these aren’t real. All things considered…not the best marketing strategy. I’ve seen the photos on multiple websites and each one mentioned who they advertisement was for and I STILL can’t remember.


  1. Everything I’ve read indicates they’re real. Benetton chose those photos in particular because they are strong and iconic images, and that ‘wow’ factor will help spread awareness about the foundation.
    EDIT: The photos are doctored.



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