I don’t think Richard Madden is that hot

So 193 people have logged on to Queer Landia this month alone searching ‘Richard Madden’.  In the last 90 days, 234 have logged on using that search criteria and over the course of 2011, 286 have found us searching for the Game of Thrones star.  I’ve read some articles and check out a pretty extensive photo spread at Queerty and I have to admit:  I don’t think he’s that good-looking!?

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What NOT to ask your transgender friends

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Hey there readers! I came across this infographic while scouring the webs, and I thought I’d share it with everyone. If you don’t know too much about a subject, it can be easy to say something wrong and accidentally insult whoever you’re talking to. So here’s a good guide of what not to say or ask your transgender friends.

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OH Student Sees Justice, Attacker Gets 90 Days in Juvie

Zachary Huston (above) sees some justice

Remember the Zachary Huston? He’s the Ohio student who was attacked and then a video featuring his beating found it’s way on Facebook. Good now that you remember, we have some good news for you. The attacker was 15 year-old Levi Sever, and he plead guilty to the assault charges. Sever was sentenced to 90 days in Juvenile Hall and mandatory counseling for whatever crazy rational told him to beat up a gay kid.

I’m glad to see some justice done.



Will You Partake in the NYC AIDS Memorial Park Design Competition?

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/32592259]

Because you should! There is no significant public AIDS memorial, so the New York City AIDS Memorial Park Design Campaign was formed to change just that. The competition is open to all individuals and firms, just be sure to have your entry sent in by January 21st!  So watch the video and check out their website, who knows, you could win the first place prize of $5,000!

Nigerian Senate Approves Bill Criminalizing All Support For Gays

Today, the Nigerian Senate has passed a bill that criminalizes same-sex couples who marry, same-sex advocacy groups, and even same-sex public displays of affection. If this bill passes, violators who marry could face up to14 years in prison, and those who witness a same-sex marriage or publicly display their affection could serve 10 years.  However the bill still has to pass through Nigeria’s House of Representatives and then signed by President Goodluck Jonathan to become law, but with the increasing support, it’s well within the realm of possibility.

It’s not looking good for the gays in Nigeria, folks.

Video of a debate over the bill after the jump…

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Miley Cyrus Takes Part In ‘NOH8′ Photoshoot: She Makes Stand Against Proposition 8

From popdash.com:

Miley Cyrus has taken part in a photo shoot to raise awareness of the NOH8 charity campaign.
Cyrus is a keen supporter of groups who face prejudice and has spoken openly about her feelings on gay marriage and the oppression some gay couples face in attempting to live an equal life.
Posing with the NOH8 logo painted on her cheek and masking take symbolicly over her mouth, Miley is a high profile figure to be involved in the campaign which has also been supported by the Kardashians, LeAnn Rimes and Sara Barreiles.
NOH8 was set up by photographer Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley as a means of protesting the Proposition 8 legislation, which makes it illegal for gay and lesbian couples to get married.

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Images from mileyimages.org

Legalized hate in St Petersburg, Russia

In November 2011 St Petersburg shocked the world. The legislative assembly approved, in its first reading, a bill which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality, transsexuality and pedophilia to minors. The passage of the bill provoked a quick reaction from local LGBT activists, who organised several protests against the initiative. It also mobilised the international community. The bill was condemned by MEPs, the US state department and thousands of people from around the world, who signed an online petition against its implementation.

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