California Senate Passes “Seth’s Law”, Sent to Governor To Sign

The California State Senate on Friday passed AB 9, “Seth’s Law”.  Already passed by the Assembly, the bill has been sent to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown for his signature.  The bill will require schools in California to deal with bullying of students because of their real or perceived sexual orientation.

Seth Walsh, 13, of Tehachapi, California, committed suicide last September by hanging himself from a tree in his grandmother’s back yard.  Years of bullying by other students, and failure of the school and district to respond to complaints from Seth’s mother, led to the teen becoming despondent and to his death.

Just one of a rash of LGBT related suicides last year, Seth’s suicide has spurred the California legislature to require schools to address the issue of bullying.
The Advocate article, here.
DOJ/DOE settlement with Tehachapi School District here.
Tehachapi School District clashes with ACLU over Walsh incident here.
Commentary: Seth Walsh died yesterday, he was killed long ago, here.

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