Drunk D.C. Cop Shoots Transgender Woman

Why do D.C. cops have such problems with the LGBT people? First they refuse to report a vicious attack on five lesbians, and now a drunk cop shoots a transgender woman. Is there something in the water?

Officer Kenneth Furr started his weekend by getting into “a confrontation” with a transgender woman and two other people, which led to a “minor collision” and Furr shooting the transgender woman. The two other people there with her also sustained injuries, but it seems the police haven’t been able to figure out how yet. They’re also not sure whether charges should be filed, because y’know, it’s all fun and games because no one lost an eye, someone just got shot.

5 thoughts on “Drunk D.C. Cop Shoots Transgender Woman”

  1. This disgusts me, no one deserves to be harassed in such a manner. Also, just a note not all conservatives hate the LGBT community (I’m Bi).


  2. Please don’t pan all DC cops for this poor behavior. One of my closest friends is a lesbian and on the DC police force. She does everything she possibly can to effect change from within.


    1. Ok Valerie one question. I’m A trans MTF and shit like this i really don’t understand. I don’t see why a lesbian would work for a “hate crime” based police force. It’s not right to be on the fence about this. Eye for an eye i say. This is why i REALLY can’t condone it. If she really cared about the LGBT community, she would lock that asshole up herself and throw away the key. I’m sorry cops in general are just big kids with attitudes and guns. Give a kid a gun, someone will get shot. So idc about any cop or force that won’t punish their own for ANY WRONG THEY DO! If i was her i’d move before MR. Ferr Shoots her too!! I say give those women a gun and take aim on that hater. EYE FOR AN EYE!!



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