Social “Networking” Claims Another Politician (This time it’s Grindr)

Puerto Rican State Senator Roberto Arango has tendered his resignation, after he posted explicit photos on the Grindr iPhone/Android app.  In a increasingly common scenario, an anti-gay (at least by voting record) Republian lawmaker has been recognized in pictures posted online.

Mr. Arango has not directly denied the pictures were of him, saying “I really don’t remember” in an interview with a Puerto Rican television station.  He said he had taken some pictures to document recent weight loss, and it was possible he took the images in question.

The picture of the shirtless Arango posted here is not the most graphic of those apparently posted to the soon-to-be former Senator’s Grindr profile.  Suffice it to say, Mr. Arango is a bottom.  And ready.

Mr. Arango’s resignation is effective August 31.

So another Republican with an anti-gay voting history bites the dust.  Who’s next?
The Washington Post article.

The article.


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