Matt Mazzei’s State of the Rainbow Delegation 28 July 2011

After the vile taste of Uganda’s “Kill The Gays”, here’s a refreshing reminder that love wins out as long as it stands up and speaks in a loud and clear voice.

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Zombie “Kill The Gays” Bill Back From The Dead

Warren Throckmorton is reporting that the Ugandan Parliament may again take up the infamous “Kill The Gays” bill, possibly in August.

After time ran out to vote on the “Anti-Homosexuality” bill in the 8th Parliament last year, Ugandan MP Hon. Otto Odonga has told Throckmorton that this proposal, and others not acted upon, will be fast-tracked in the 9th Parliament.

American Evangelicals can be proud of the tenacity of those they have infected with their particular brand of hatred.  The Ugandan Christians have been steadfast in their dedication to eradicate homosexuality at all costs.  Even murder.  Praise Jesus.

It Gets Better from the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation, except Scott Brown

Look at all of these Republicans, doing the right thing. Warms my cold liberal heart, I have to say.

The Massachusetts Congressional Delegation all came together to make an It Gets Better video, but you may have noticed there is one particular member missing, Scott Brown.  The reason? Because “His main focus is creating jobs” and because the project was started by Dan Savage, “It’s reprehensible for Senator Brown’s opponents to associate with this person in order to score cheap political points.

This doesn’t look too good for you Scott brown, just saying.



Prop 8: Save the Date September 6th, 2011

The many cases around Prop 8 have a new date. On September 6th, 2011 the California Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether or not the proponents of a ballot initiative are eligible to defend that initiative in court. Continue reading Prop 8: Save the Date September 6th, 2011

Sizzler sued by Queens lesbian for homophobic attack

Liza Friedlander filed a lawsuit against Sizzler after the manager violently attacked her while Friendlander was just trying to grab a bite to eat with some friends.  After the manager yelled at her calling her a “fucking dyke” other patrons found out it was “okay” to join in the hatred fun and started yelling their own homophobic slurs. one patron yelled “he-she freak” and another threatened to show her “what a dick is”.

From the NY Daily News:

Liza Friedllander says the manager accused her of not paying for the buffet during brunch with friends at the Forest Hills Sizzler on Sept. 18, 2010, according to a discrimination lawsuit filed in Queens Supreme Court.

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