Prop H8 Update: A New Strategy

The backers of Proposition 8 are at it again. They are now trying to get Judge Walker’s decision to overturn Prop 8 overturned because, get this, the judge is gay and in a 10 year relationship. This is really shaky grounds. If Judge Ware buys into this, the state of the judicial system could be changed forever.

If Judge Walker’s decision is overturned, what will be next? Will the courts have to overturn any ruling from a female judge in regards to female issues? What about a black judge presiding over racial issues? A Hispanic judge and immigration? Where would this end?

Source: 365gay

Bare Chest Calendar Finals!

Dining Out For Life – Seattle

Dining Out For Life hits Seattle today for it’s 18th year! When you dine out at participating restaurants, grocery stores, cafes or bakery’s a percentage of your purchase goes to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance! Be sure to check out the participating restaurant page to find your favorite eateries!

Check the video from Lifelong AIDS Alliance to see what they’re doing to help after the jump.

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Black, Gifted and Gay

Black, Gifted and Gay is a new book showing us the lives and accomplishments of 20 living icons, who are apart of the gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender community, and also happen to be of African descent.

Authors Leyla Farah and Sarah Tace show us 20 entertainers, thinkers, gifted artists and leaders reminding us the GLBT community comes in different forms while exploring what it means to be GLBT and apart of the African-American culture.

You can read more about the book from it’s website or check it out on